How to create narrow depth of field

Here's a series of images with very shallow depth of field. aperture (f-stop) of your lens is the simplest way to control your depth of field as you set up your shot.

11 sure-fire tips on how to create beautiful bokeh effect in your photography today. Learn how to isolate your subject and make stunning bokeh backgrounds.

Depth of Field Explained | Photography Mad

Understanding Shallow Depth of Field Photography | Adobe Shallow depth of field is achieved by shooting photographs with a low f-number to let in A person standing 20 feet from a group of trees will create a softer  Aperture & Depth of Field - Creative Live A shallow depth of field means that range of distance where objects appear to be create a narrow depth of field effect — just know that it's because of distance,  132 Best Shallow Depth of Field: Ideas images | Depth of field ...

What is depth of field (DOF)? | Sony USA 21 Aug 2019 If the main subject is in focus, but the foreground or background is blurred, the photo is said to have a shallow DOF. If most all of the photo is in  Depth of Field Explained | Photography Mad Depth of field can be daunting to get to grips with, but is actually a very simple concept to understand. Opening the aperture creates a narrow depth of field. Achieving a Shallow Depth of Field with FiLMiC Pro - FiLMiC ...

A Guide to Understanding Focal Length - BorrowLenses Blog The field or angle of view is what determines how “zoomed in” a lens is. The shorter the focal length, the wider the angle of view, the more of a scene you are going to capture. Artificial intelligence - Wikipedia A fourth approach is harder to intuitively understand, but is inspired by how the brain's machinery works: the artificial neural network approach uses artificial "neurons" that can learn by comparing itself to the desired output and… Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/March-2006 - Wikipedia I sized it to work well on the article at a number of display resolutions, but it was just a guess... if you have a concrete suggestion please provide it... It would be trivial for me to resize it (or you can do it, the theora version is… Rings of Saturn - Wikipedia

Depth of field (DoF) is one of the most important concepts in photography. Understanding what DoF is and what affects it is critical for every photographer.

Natural-color mosaic of Cassini narrow-angle camera images of the unilluminated side of Saturn's D, C, B, A and F rings (left to right) taken on May 9, 2007 (distances are to the planet's center). Comparison of baseball and cricket - Wikipedia Due to these factors, a batsman in cricket needs to watch very carefully how the bowler grips the ball even during his run-up, as well as the type of revolutions on the ball[ clarification needed] as it approaches. Fundamentals of Photography Learn the Basics of Photography with Joel Sartore and The Great Courses. Learn techniques and master the art of taking great photographs.

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Depth of field can be daunting to get to grips with, but is actually a very simple concept to understand. Opening the aperture creates a narrow depth of field.

Do you ever notice the background in a scene when watching a TV show or movie? Do you notice when it's in focus or out of focus? Try to look out for that next 

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